Elevating our vision to sculpt a brand that personifies excellence in every detail became our unwavering goal. Each facet, meticulously crafted from our captivating monogram to the exquisite packaging, was a result of calculated precision.


The genesis of our iconic mermaid monogram draws inspiration from the sea’s goddess, embodying the essence of feminine allure. It stands as a testament to the empowerment of the modern woman – bold, graceful, and unapologetically glamorous. Whether basking by the poolside in Miami or cruising aboard a luxurious yacht in the South of France, our brand is synonymous with elegance and confidence.


I spearheaded this project right from its inception, steering every aspect – from Branding and Strategy to Design Direction, Wireframe, and Framework. It’s a testament to my holistic expertise and unwavering commitment to crafting excellence at every step.